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Join the movement and take part in our community initiatives.

Current opportunities with eLife

Become an early-career reviewer

Gain experience in peer review by joining our publicly available ‘early-career reviewers pool’ which encourages the inclusion of early-career researchers in peer review.

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Explore and curate preprints

Create lists of the preprints you find interesting that you can return to in the future or share with your research community ​​on Sciety – a platform developed by a group within eLife.

Explore Sciety

Coming later this year and beyond

Become an eLife Community Ambassador

Supports passionate early-career researchers to collaborate on meaningful projects and drive changes in research culture. Recruitment for the next cohort begins late 2024.

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Join our Early-Career Advisory Group

This team of early-career researchers advise and collaborate with eLife editors and staff to advance eLife’s mission. Each year, new members are selected through an open application and election. Applications will re-open in 2025.

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Apply for a Ben Barres Spotlight Award

This flexible funding scheme supports pioneering researchers from groups traditionally underrepresented in research and countries with limited funding. Applications run once per year. Applications will re-open in 2025.

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Have your say

Mental Health in Mexico: A survey of researchers in academia

eLife Ambassador Christian Molina-Aguilar and collaborators invite researchers in Mexico to share their experiences related to mental health and wellbeing. Open until June 10, 2024.

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Why do postdocs leave labs?

Verena Haage leads an initiative to investigate the reasons behind the premature departure of postdocs from labs across the world amid the ongoing postdoc crisis. Open until July 1, 2024.

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Opportunities from our communities

Pitch an article to ecrLife

Share your stories, ideas and experiences of your journey in science on ecrLife, a platform initiated by eLife Ambassadors. This writing platform offers early-career researchers a space to publish about diverse themes.

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Join the African Reproducibility Network (AREN)

Led by Emmanuel Boakye, AREN aims to equip African researchers at any career stage to actively engage in and advocate for open science practices through training, workshops and community.

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Contribute to ECRcentral

Join an international community of early-career researchers brought together by eLife Ambassadors to discuss opportunities, share experiences, and create impact through community engagement.

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Get involved with the Rare Disease Initiative (RADI)

Ana Paula Mendonça invites researchers and patients to join a knowledge-sharing community as part of the Ambassador-led Rare Diseases Initiative that aims to build awareness for rare diseases.

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