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eLife Community Alumni

The eLife Community Alumni Network—a global platform for former eLife Community participants.

Illustration by Davide Bonazzi

Our Global South Committee for Open Science brings together researchers in the Global South to advise and collaborate with us in the pursuit of more inclusive, equitable and diverse scientific communication and innovation. The group is a pillar of guidance in improving the opportunities of Global South researchers as well as eLife’s outreach and support in these regions.

Within this dynamic community, members can engage in various enriching activities, such as showcasing their work, participating in mentorship programmes, joining stimulating webinars on scholarly communication topics, and collaborating on projects with peers. Additionally, a bi-monthly newsletter keeps members informed about the latest updates and opportunities.

Supported by eLife's Communities team, the Alumni network provides an accessible platform for connecting with like-minded individuals, promoting professional growth, and nurturing meaningful connections for successful collaboration.

If you’re one of our former community members, please complete this form to request to join our Community Alumni network.